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to our Maine Coon Cattery

We want to provide the same level of care to our kittens that we do for our puppies.This means that we will do what we can to raise the most confident, smart, and well rounded kitten that we can. Kittens will be raised on Early Neurological Stimulation, Basic training, and grooming desensitizing. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, Click the button below. Kittens will be $3,00 (normal) -$3,500 (polydactyl )

Queen Gabagool

Gabagool is our first queen to join our program. She is a black smoke and polydactyl. She is a huge talker, full of sass, and the biggest love that you will meet! She is going to make a fantastic momma. Her first litter is expected in March 2024.

Maine Coon Cat

King Chronicles 

Large Maine Coon

Chronicles is our first king to join our program. He is a gorgeous Russian import that already weighs 20lb at 1 year old. He is the most amazing love and we can't wait to see all of his kittens!

Silver MaineCoon

Queen UrkelGru

Our Queen UrkelGru

Tortie Mainecoon

UrkelGru is our precious tortie girl imported from Russia. She is a massive love and a fan of love bites. She is easily our most playful and energetic girl and I can't wait to meet her kittens! Her first litter will be Feb 2024.


Queen Rajniganda

Our Queen UrkelGru

Calico MaineCoon

Rajniganda is our newest import from Russia. At 7 moths old, she is already bigger than our other females in our program. We can't wait to watch her grow!

Calico MaineCoon

Please be patient as we edit and get this page up and running. We look forward to keeping everyone updated on our future kitten litters

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