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How we got started

We fell in love with Doodles after getting our first American Goldendoodle. She was the absolute best dog! We lost her at the age of 9 due to cancer. We wanted to bring more dogs like her into the world but didn't want anyone to feel the pain we did after losing her. At that point, we became committed to doing everything we could to make sure we were breeding healthy dogs and lessen the health risks like cancer in certain breeds. 

After researching, we learned that English Goldendoodles have a lower cancer rate than American Goldendoodles, so we choose them to build our program around. Eventually, we discovered Bernedoodles! We love Bernese Mountain Dogs but were afraid of saying goodbye too soon. Bernese Mountain Dogs generally only live 6-8 years. The good news is that when combined with a poodle, they can live 12-18 years. We love that Bernedoodles are an exceptionally healthy mix.


We now focus our program on both English Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles, and we love having both breeds in our program!

To learn about the dogs that make this possible for us, check out our pack page.

Dasher Mini Bernedoodles
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